Liquid Ammonium Phosphate

Simplot liquid ammonium phosphate 10-34-0 is a transparent green liquid fertilizer containing 10% nitrogen and 34% phosphate. The phosphate component is composed of about 70% polyphosphate and 30% orthophosphate. Unlike most granular phosphate material, liquid 10-34-0 is 100% water soluble. The polyphosphate content gives liquid 10-34-0 the ability to hold micronutrients in solution, making them more available for plant uptake.

10-34-0 Liquid Ammonium Phosphate
  1. Contains all its nutrients in 100% water soluble forms

  2. Ideal ratio of N:P2O5 is a proven, superior fertilizer when band injected for a wide variety of crops and growing conditions

  3. Compatible with most other liquid fertilizers (not compatible with aqua or anhydrous ammonia)


Total Nitrogen (N)
Available Phosphate (P2O5)
Molybdenum (Mo)

Directions and Usage

1. Is an excellent source of water soluble, fast acting ammonium phosphate with the most desirable ratio of N:P2O5.
2.An ideal source of phosphate and nitrogen in complete liquid mixes.
3. For specific application rates follow the recommendation of a qualified individual or institution, such as, but not limited to, a certified crop advisor, agronomist, university crop extension publication, or apply according to recommendations in your approved nutrient management plan.