Water Logic™ 

Premier service available exclusively to our customers in California. Combining technology and crop management, Simplot’s Water Logic™ Services has developed a results-driven, industry-proven platform which addresses the need for the accurate delivery of irrigation water and agronomic inputs, helping minimize unnecessary operating costs and improving crop health. 

Every Drop Matters™ 

Water Logic™  is California’s premier water treatment platform. Our unparalleled service matched with proven products ensures your farm optimizes water usage to maximize yields. Our thorough investigative process provides a clear snapshot, allowing us to understand problems you could be facing, including:

  • Fouling or plugging
  • Biological issues like algae, bacteria and biofilms
  • Poor irrigation distribution
  • Inconsistent line pressure 

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Water Logic Service Offerings

We work with growers to analyze, test and diagnose your water system to find problems that might be lurking. 
After identifying issues, we correct those by using the proper products and cleaning your irrigation system. 
We add flow monitoring tools and maintenance technology to your irrigation system to defend against future problems.   
Bi-weekly onsite evaluations, water analysis and technical support from our experienced service reps. 

Free Water Analysis

Reach out to your local Simplot Grower Solutions Crop Advisor or click the button below to get your free water analysis and stop letting your profits drip away.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Water Logic™?

Combining technology and crop management, Simplot’s Water Logic™ Services has developed a results-driven, industry proven platform that delivers irrigation water expertise, helping minimize unnecessary operating costs and improving water quality.

Where is Water Logic™ available?

Water Logic™ is currently only available for our customers in California.

What can Water Logic™ help me with?

Water Logic™ offers a comprehensive approach to irrigation management including: 

  • Treating irrigation systems for fouling or plugging related to water quality (mineral, biological and silt) 
  • Treating irrigation systems for biological issues (algae, bacteria, bio-film) 
  • Identifying issues and building a plan for reconciliation 
  • Preventative and continued maintenance 
  • Full diagnostic services  
  • Ongoing field service and support 
What types of irrigation problems can be corrected?

Water Logic™ Services treats irrigation systems for both organic and mineral fouling deposition.

Will Water Logic™ products eliminate sodium in my irrigation water?

There are formulations that work specifically for sodium/salt concerns, and we will involve our agronomic experts to find a possible solution for your specific challenges.

What if my water quality varies throughout the growing season?

Water Logic™ Services has the capability to change prescribed programs based upon a multitude of variations. Your water is tested regularly to determine if adjustments are necessary.

What if my flow rates vary from set to set?

The Water Logic™ systems have a flow meter and reader that automatically adjust feed pumps according to proportional flow rates.

How do I know uniformity test procedures are reliable?

The Water Logic™ Services uniformity test is modeled after university protocol and created by irrigation experts, so you can be assured of the accuracy.

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