Data-Driven Agronomy on Every Acre

Simplot SmartFarm® services harness modern technology to produce real-time agronomic recommendations.

Data-Driven Agronomy is Farming with Facts.

The Simplot SmartFarm® platform is a comprehensive, year-round precision agriculture platform where our team of proven experts use data-driven technologies and agronomic expertise to help growers like you make the best decisions across their operation.

Why Simplot SmartFarm technology:

  • Maximize efficiency and productivity of inputs and crops 
  • Improve operations and execution with the right decision at the right time 
  • Simplify and automate connected farm data to drive decisions 
  • Driven by boots on the ground in your fields who you know and trust 

Ownership of ag data collected through voluntary use of the Simplot SmartFarm platform is retained by the grower/provider. For further information on how Simplot uses and protects your information in the delivery of services, please see our Ag Data Policy and Privacy Policy documentation.

Get Started Today


Let our team help you analyze your data, prepare your soil and develop a plan of attack for next season. You will be able to understand each of your fields using GPS-referenced soil samples. We will work with you to create a plan to understand and predict your expected inputs versus expected output to maximize your farm’s efficiencies.



A plan does not bring value unless you put it into action. Our team of agronomy specialists will help you implement your plans through fertilizer and seeding prescriptions uniquely designed to work with your equipment. We create these prescriptions using available data and optimize them to meet your production goals and the production capabilities of your fields.


SmartRx® Grid

A more-detailed grid soil sampling offering that allows you to see a granular snapshot of your field’s NPK and micronutrient needs and get product guidance so you can make the best fertility decisions.

SmartRx® Zone


A unique zone management tool that allows you to see a broad profile of your field’s variability in soil and elevation, receive product recommendations, and in turn, plan your seed and nutrition decisions to increase profitability.



We monitor your growing crop across a multitude of factors to ensure your fields are getting what they need. Services include moisture monitoring, weekly tissue sampling, bi-weekly infrared satellite images that pinpoint problems before they become major issues, and variable rate applications that deliver nutrients when and where your fields need them. Protecting your investment with data-driven information enables proactive management during your crop’s most crucial phase.

SmartRx® Scout

In-season crop monitoring that uses soil and tissue samples as well as GPS imagery to help you understand your crop’s health so you can make informed decisions.

Smart Water

In-season moisture monitoring with soil moisture sensors and telemetry solutions for efficient irrigation management and scheduling so you know the amount and timing of your next watering.


A useful pest trapping and reporting program where we put boots on the ground to go out and deploy pest traps so you know the pest status of each field.



Your data-driven decisions made throughout the season will aid a bountiful harvest. But our work is not done, we will evaluate how your season went, combining yield data with a historic view so we can track nutrient and seed efficiencies that will help you plan for next year.



A comprehensive, yield data processing platform that analyzes your yield data at the end of the year. Important tool when benchmarking your performance and needs for your next season.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are SmartFarm® services?

Simplot SmartFarm® is SGS’s precision ag platform that collects, translates and delivers meaningful recommendations so you can make the best decisions for your fields. You can use SmartFarm on your own or work with your crop advisor to use the technology to achieve success on your field.

Why should I use SmartFarm® services?

Simplot SmartFarm® is an ideal solution for farmers who like to base their agronomic decisions on data collected from their fields. We offer zone, grid, soil and tissue sampling, as well as moisture and pest monitoring to understand the needs of your fields as the season progresses. At harvest, SmartFarm can collect and store your data so that you can see historically how your farm is growing and be able to better plan for the next season.

Does the SmartFarm® platform cost money?

There are some costs associated with some of our offerings, however we try to minimize that cost to farmers. Simplot Grower Solutions is not selling technology, we are offering growers the ability and partnership to make better decisions.

How do I get started with SmartFarm® services?

Work with your Simplot Crop Advisor to get an account set up. You are able to download the app if you would like to see all the information in the palm of your hand, or your crop advisor is able to manage all of that information and bring you the recommendations as they come in.

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