Exclusive to Simplot Grower Solutions, Innvictis® delivers a broad, diverse portfolio of products and solutions that help protect your investment acre by acre.

Before Seed, Beyond Harvest

Innvictis® harnesses the power of three innovative portfolios to offer you start-to-finish solutions to help you maximize profitability and achieve your goals.

We understand that no two fields are the same. The Innvictis portfolio is designed to deliver solutions that address local needs. Products are tailored to each region, so Simplot Crop Advisors can create customized solutions to support your specific needs.

With Innvictis, you get a total acre solution for your farm. A successful season begins with high-quality Innvictis Seed. Protect your seed investment with innovative actives from our Crop Care Portfolio, and drive yield potential with the nutritional and bio-active products from the Innvictis BioScience lineup.

Innvictis Crop Care

Protect your crops from pests and diseases with revolutionary technologies, trusted actives and performance-enhancing adjuvants.

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Innvictis Seed Solutions

Our high-performing seed exceeds industry quality standards to ensure the highest possible yields.

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Innvictis BioScience

Maximize your profit potential with our robust portfolio of specialty nutritionals, bio-active technologies and innovative nitrogen and water management products.

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Find an SGS Store in Your Community

All SGS stores in the US carry our exclusive brand, Innvictis®. If you are interested in learning more about these products, talk to your local Simplot Crop Advisor or contact your nearest location.

Innovation by the Acre


Simplot SmartFarm® digital services harness field data to help growers make smart decisions for their growing seasons and beyond.

Water Logic™

Every Drop Matters™ and by using Simplot Water Logic™ you can minimize operating costs and improve plant health. Available only in California.

Banking on Your Success

Talk to your local SGS Crop Advisor for additional financing information or visit our finance page to learn about our other financing options.
What is Innvictis®?

Innvictis is a portfolio of products exclusive to Simplot Grower Solutions. We create value for farmers by providing an integrated approach to farming inputs. We sell top quality seed, advanced crop protection products and yield-boosting nutritionals across our portfolios.

Why should I use Innvictis?

Innvictis has three unique portfolios that offer growers start-to-finish solutions to help achieve profitability and productivity goals. These portfolios are designed to deliver innovative solutions that address unique local needs. Products are tailored to each region, so Simplot Crop Advisors can create customized solutions to support the needs of individual growers by crop, field and season, right down to the acre.

To learn what Innvictis products may work for your field, connect with a Simplot Grower Solutions Crop Advisor in your area.

How do I buy Innvictis?

Innvictis is available exclusively through your local Simplot Grower Solutions Crop Advisor. SGS Crop Advisors are well-versed in our portfolio and can make the best recommendations for your fields. Additionally, we offer 0% financing on Innvictis products through several financing programs. To find out more work with your Crop Advisor, or visit the SGS Finance page to learn about our other farm financing options.

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